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Hola, Barcelona!

Where oh where to begin? The Catalonian capital is situated in the northeast of Spain, and while it may be the second largest city in size, it is by far the most vibrant and enticing.

A city that was made to be walked top to bottom, each neighborhood brings out a different part of Barcelona’s character. From the Gothic Quarter through to el Born, the streets are a feast for the senses. Enjoy a free tour Barcelona and meander past some of the greatest monuments (and artworks) of all time thanks to the legacy that Antoni Gaudi left in this city: The Sagrada Familia, Park G眉ell, Batll贸 House and Casa Mil谩, to name a few.

A lot of people come to Barcelona for the history and architecture, and end up staying for the food. Offering a diverse Mediterranean gastronomy, where every cafe actively competes with the one nextdoor, you’re going to learn to love the art of tapas and hundreds of paella variations.

Our local guides take great pleasure in escorting travelers through the best experiences that Barcelona has to offer. Book your slot today and prepare to make memories!

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