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Oh Madrid; the inland capital of Spain and the country’s most visited region — the perfect playground for the Discover Walks team!


When we say we know the streets of Europe better than most, know that we’ve held over 100,000 walking (and cycling) tours for millions of travelers across dozens of destinations, which includes our Madrid tours.


Why Madrid tours?


Madrid is a walking city, provided you have your wits about you. Carefully mapped routes, well-informed guides and tour packages that cater to different budgets are key in a city this modern metropolitan. Walk, ride or eat your way through Madrid’s narrow districts, all while in the capable hands of our local guides.


Known for an abundance of food markets, historic buildings (all labeled, by the way) and incessant blue skies, Madrid really is best explored from the sidewalk — book now!

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About Madrid

Madrid is a city that celebrates joy and life, and this is pretty tangible as you make your way through the different inner districts. There’s a lot of festivity that takes place at street level, so being on foot as much as possible actually gives you an edge as a traveler.

One of our favourite things to do in Madrid is walk newcomers through the Old Town district, and it takes a local’s eye to really be able to point out all of the hidden gems that give it such charm. Unmissable sites include the Gate of Alcala, the Plaza Mayor and the landscapes that lead up to the Royal Palace. This is also one of the best cities in Europe for electric bike tours, and we’ve got quite a fleet!

Madrid’s locals have a zest for life; one that is present throughout the day, but especially prominent when the sun goes down. After a Madrid food tour, the sun goes down and the Spanish capital offers something for everyone: live music, karaoke, dance and more.

Whether you’re looking to experience the city by morning, afternoon or night, our array of Madrid tours are a guaranteed fun time for the whole family — book today and avoid the seasonal sell out! And don’t forget, Madrid is sunniest city in Europe!

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